With Cortex, we encourage you to re-think your business.

In both IT and business processes, the industry is reaching the limits of service management capacity; cost is rising and quality is being compromised.

At Innovise, we have consolidated decades of automation technology and techniques from the advanced industrial control sector to enable you to create smart decision enabled autonomous IT and business operations. Moving your staff up the knowledge chain to be smarter, more effective members of your team.

Cortex is an easy to use, rapid to deploy and low cost software platform integrating event, request and user driven processes to create end to end autonomous operations; for client facing service and internal facing business and IT services.

Working with companies such as BT, Vodafone, and Thomson Reuters, Cortex has:

  • reduced the cost in a single process by £2.3M
  • resolved a 2 year problem in 60 days, with a 3 month ROI
  • eliminated a 6 month service backlog, while increasing capacity 30 fold
Cortex Intelligent Solutions

Cortex Intelligent Solutions

Cortex consolidates inconsistent processes and disparate technologies from segregated operational silos, creating high-performance end-to-end autonomous services while enforcing operational integrity and control.

Cortex integrates with all of you valuable existing investments and will happily replace the others with a fully integrated closed loop automated platform taking a systems approach responding to external factors and managing to outcomes.