People, processes and your existing technology with Cortex

Cortex Intelligent Automation Infrastructure

Create a unified automation infrastructure with Cortex

Cortex is a scalable event driven software platform that enables organisations to create a unified automation infrastructure to cost effectively meet the growing demand to operate the 24 x7, on-demand, service orientated Enterprise.

Cortex is able to support all levels of process automation from simple task automation in a  tactical deployment, through to full IT and business service orchestration of internal and external application and service providers.

Cortex, from Innovise IES, enables service centric IT 

Rapid Deployment

Cortex accelerates the process of capturing requirements and deploying by providing a rapid prototyping visual composition interface. The model is composed in a real-time “production ready” environment. There is no compile, test and deploy; flows, process, and sub-processes are rapidly migrated between development and production.

High Reliability & Resilience

Cortex abstracts interfaces, device management and data management and presents process controllers with only visual interfaces. Cortex is robust enough for some of our most mission critical clients to manage processes, technical or systems changes directly in production with virtually zero errors.


Cortex is able to scale from single servers to a high performance, high availability global infrastructure. Deploying tactically within a region, team, service or function, a single server will confidently operate at independently or as part of a  distributed global infrastructure. Processes are defined in a hierarchy, which permits segregation in process management, and a high level of re-use.

Existing IT Investment

Cortex Intelligent Automation Infrastructure can connect to virtually any other platform, technology, server etc, optimising your existing IT investments. 

See our literature page for datasheets and case studies or contact us to find out more information about how cortex can transform your IT services.