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Cortex integrates current systems, processes and technologies through open and resilient APIs;
Automating operational and management processes across the business.


Why Cortex?


  • Build an automated factory of repeatable processes

  • Shift technical IT resources, focus on innovation and performance

  • Operate at the speed of digital business

  • Deploys faster than comparable technology

  • Single skill set designed for domain experts

  • Open platform that integrates with existing systems

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Cortex and You

Cortex enables you, for the first time, to fully realise the promised service improvements and cost savings of end-to-end IT Process Automation by establishing an intelligent automation infrastructure. The benefit of Cortex is seen across the business.

As CEO, you own the vision for success and growth within your organization. Cortex enables you to establish a platform to fundamentally shift your operations and re-think your more

As a CIO, you must deliver systems to support an increasingly digital business operations and aspirations. Cortex enables you to fundamentally shift the quality of your more

As a Service Manager you are critical to business operations. Cortex empowers you to focus efforts on customer more

As a transformational leader and change manager you care about rapidly implementing transformational change. Cortex allows you to achieve short time to more

As an engineer you are required to use your knowledge and skills to specify, deploy, configure, activate and manage. Cortex allows you to significantly shift your time from operations to innovation... read more